Michael Wyatt of Full City Rooster uses the most Environmentally Friendly Roaster to roast the beans to perfection.

A bit about COFFEE…

Legend has it that Coffee began in Ethiopia with an interesting cast of characters including a Shepherd named Kaldi, some goats and a monastery of monks! (you should seriously look this up!)


There are 4 keys to growing great coffee…

Tropical Climate

Proximity to the Equator

Rich Soil

High Altitude


In the US, Hawaii is the only state that contains all 4 keys!

The coffee “bean” is actually the seed inside a cherry on a bush.


What makes a GREAT cup of coffee?

Mainly, a balance in taste of: sweetness, acidity, and bitterness.

Usually one of the 3 will be dominant and your palette will let you know what your

preference is!