Well Grounded Coffee Company

The Vision

For us, it’s all about two things…

Great Coffee & Growing Relationships.

Great Coffee:

Specifically, specialty coffee! Specialty coffees are defined by how good they are and how good they taste!

  • Our Coffee is hand selected in small batches and micro roasted to a perfect balance from trusted international farmers.
  • Each farm and every region has their own distinct and distinguishing characteristics. Within these variations, our roaster selects only single-origin coffees with distinctive notes.
  • We make environmentally conscious selections with every intention of supporting individually and family owned micro-lots and socially responsible farms.
  • Therefore, our selections include coffee choices that are Organic and Bird-friendly; certified as Fair Trade and maintained and/or managed through the Rainforest Alliance.
  • We also affirm that our decaffeinated coffees are Mountain Water processed.


Well Grounded Coffee Co. provides coffee at its peak flavor and freshness by its commitment to Small Batch Roasting.

Growing Relationships:

We have chosen the symbol of The Well because these were “gathering places” in ancient times. Today, coffee is a gathering place. Whether at the local coffee house or in your kitchen, coffee lends itself to conversation, to slowing down a little.

So Well Grounded Coffee Company begins by giving you an opportunity to slow down and converse! Our next step will be to create a local Coffee House where we can gather and continue the conversations.

We also intend to grow our relationships internationally with the farmers and to learn of the needs of their communities so that we can find ways to partner even more with them.


 We invite you into the conversation, to grow, learn, and drink

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